Alphabet Decals

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Alphabet decal set - contains Upper, Lower and numbers decals in each set.

A creative way to get your kids learning the alphabet.  Our alphabet decals are printed to be put on the outside (dryside) of your shower screen and they can trace over the letters!  Great way to familiarize themselves with their states font or get up to speed learning the alphabet!  

Decals are made of vinyl and a translucent stain glass effect print so you will still see them in the shower!  

If you would like to place them on your windows or other clear surface, please add a note at checkout and they will be printed the right way round (so the adhesive is on the back of the letters).  

Sizes are A4 landscape x 2 for the upper and lower case and a half size A4 for the numerals.

Each set comes in your choice of colours. Feel free to have each section a different colour.  Please note the colours when printed are lighter as they will be transparent and not solid.  

Please do not adhere to painted surfaces as the vinyl is not for painted walls and will cause damage. 

Application instructions will be included with your purchase. 

Victorian upper case, Queensland lower case and Queensland beginner numbers is shown in the images

Created in conjunction with the Coffee Apple.